There is something very satisfactory about being flashy every once in a while. It is attention catching and it keeps you from being dull and boring. Nowadays, who’d like the latter, right? Especially for those people who dress to impress. In fact, for them, the flashier the merrier especially at times when they really want to grab the attention of the crowd. There are many couture shops who already specialize in this. But if you are really looking for something that will make people stop to take a second glance, then we are here to help you out.

Swarovski Collective is a company that creates outfits that are never seen before. All of our creations here are unique. They are created to fit like a second skin to everyone who would choose to get it. Plus, they are locally made. They are specifically fashioned by local designers who have already proven themselves in the field. We gathered them as one to give them a boost and at the same time to create a statement for the whole company. We want to give them the chance they missed out on as the industry focus on designers that are internationally known. We believe in patronizing and putting our own first. As such, that is what we hope to implement here in our company.


When you decide to get our services here at Swarovski Collective, you can have an assurance that the dress you will buy from us will be made of good quality. We also make sure to create only a few pieces for each model of the clothing piece that we provide to maintain its quality and uniqueness. So no need to worry that what you have can easily be spotted in a crowd. Even those few pieces that we create, we make sure to disseminate to different places. This allows our creations to be better appreciated. Of course, we are not going to be called as Swarovski Collected if not for the Swarovski and little gems that we incorporate in every article of clothing that we provide. That alone would give a statement as you wear them. We have it all from flashy to not so much. We tastefully decorate everything with these before we put them out in the market. This is starting from the smallest piece of clothing up to gowns and similar wear. You’d love everything here especially if you are going to use them for a night our as you drive your car out of your garage door in Glendale. The play of lights as they touch them are simply amazing. It will not anymore be surprising if you will stand out like a star of the night.

You can get our products at the nearest Swarovski Collective branches near you. If there is none, you can also order online. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for the direction. This is the most convenient way for you to shop so grab your chance now to order. We’ll be waiting.