About Us

Swarovski Collective was a company established by the Italian designer Marco Botticelli. Even if he is a foreigner coming for the first time to the country, he never neglected the need to prioritize local designers when it comes to hiring them for this company. He believed that although there are more well-known designers, the locals can level up to them only if these local designers will be given the boost that they deserve. He was not wrong and he had proven this as time passed by.

The journey was not easy. It was bittersweet like many startups can claim. But he persevered and he worked hard. In turn, later on, he was able to achieve the success the company is experiencing now. Of course, that is not without the help of the equally hardworking and dedicated staff. Hand and hand, they helped catapult to success Swarovski Collective. They created designs that cannot compare. They have techniques that are unique to them. This is what set them apart from other clothing companies who have already made a name in the field.

We started by only having one branch which is located in Glendale. From there, we started branching out after only a year. To date, we are proud to say that we only have over nine which are spread out in many different places in the United States. We are planning to create more in order to accommodate the clamor of our customers. Just recently, we have also launched this website which aims to make your shopping experience worthwhile and convenient. Now, wherever you are in the world, you can already have access to the products and services that we offer. Make sure to reach out to us for more questions. We are ready to help you out every time.